Hello, dear reader. My name is Kelden. First and foremost, I’m a passive-aggressive Libra on the cusp of Scorpio. So be prepared for sarcasm and shade (of course, all in good humor).

By day I’m a university student studying psychology and family social sciences. I’m well on my way to pursing a Master’s degree in family and marriage therapy.

By night I’m a Witch, working with the forces of nature, spirits, and my Gods.

I spend most of my free time studying the history of modern Witchcraft and Paganism. It’s a topic which I am highly passionate about. In particular I am fascinated with the different dichotomies that exist and how they cause tension within the community. For example, ‘Traditional’ Wicca vs. ‘Eclectic’ Wicca or ‘Traditional’ Witchcraft vs. Wicca. This will be the bulk of what I write about on this blog.

For a look at the history of my own practice check out my first post.




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