Winter Solstice 2015

I set up my sacred space at the base of an old tree stump. From this stump three trees use to grow. During my childhood it was a special place where I would build fairy houses and cast spells.

With a fire lit in my cauldron and incense burning, I called upon the elements, the land spirits, my ancestors, the gods, and my familiar spirit.


I gave an offering of cookies, wine, and spices,  thanking the Gods and spirits for all the blessings they have bestowed upon me in the past season. Taking in deep breaths, feeling my roots sinking into the earth, and connecting to something bigger and deeper than myself.

A solstice tradition of mine is to write out all my goals and wishes for the next coming months. I fix my will upon achieving these and ask the gods for their aid. Then I cast it into the fire and let the smoke carry my prayers out into the universe.



Overall, it was a nice and simple celebration of the changing season. It’s rare that I’m able to celebrate out in nature like this anymore. So having the chance to do ritual in such a sacred spot was truly a blessing.


I wish everyone a wonderful and magical holiday! 🙂


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