King of Chalices

“Your least favorite card from your favorite deck”

Earlier this year Ann Moura released The Green Witch’s Tarot. I am in love with this deck! From the colorful imagery to the changes she made to certain cards (she changed The Magician to The Witch). The cards are homey and I can honestly related to their themes of Witchcraft and Paganism a lot more than I could with the Pagan Tarot. Each card features a plant and an animal that tie into the meaning, which just gives it extra depth and awesomeness.

There is one card that sort of wigs me out, The King of Chalices. ugly card

Perhaps it’s because of his awful hair. I don’t really know. I just imagine him ripping into that turkey, meat and drool all over his face. He sort of just grosses me out? It’s a strange reaction for such a relatively positive card. Maybe it says more about me and my own emotions. Oh well.


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