The Hermit

“Your favorite card from your least favorite deck”

When I was in sixth grade I got the Pagan Tarot deck for Christmas. I thought in concept it was cool. However I found it awfully confusing. While there are some super Witchy cards that depict Pagan rituals and whatnot, there are also random cards where the woman is doing things like grocery shopping. Not to mention the Tower card which depicts a ritual orgy, which made me terrified to read for anyone other than myself. Overall, I now find this deck tacky and useless. There are way better decks out there for Witches/Pagans/Wiccans, so don’t waste your money on this one.

However, one of the cards that I do like is the Hermit. I’ve always related to the loner archetype. This card shows the woman deep in her studies, something I can totally relate to. I love how she is surrounded by piles of old books and artifacts and  the candle light is just plain sexy.  This card resonates greatly with me and my life. I feel as if it could be me in the card (minus the massive cleavage).

The Hermit.jpg


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