“Some shit you picked up outside and use”

A lot of the tools that I use in my Craft are things that I find outside. I use a lot of stones, sticks, and feathers. However, my most prized finds are bones.

The story behind this object starts when I was at my parents’ house visiting. There is a large expanse of woods nearby and I spent the the majority of my childhood in there. Every time I come home I like to spend some time visiting with the land spirits. On this specific occasion I had an intention, and that was to find bones.

When I’m in the woods I like to let my mind go blank, and just let the spirits guide me. I tend to wander aimlessly and it becomes a sort of a walking meditation. Before I knew it I was no longer in the woods but in a field, crawling on my hands and knees through thick bramble. The bramble bushes created these tunnel like structures and I shed a lot of blood twisting my way through the thorny branches. Yet I was determined, something was pushing me to go deeper into this woody cavern.

And then there it was, a beautiful deer skull resting in a pile of dead leaves. It must have been there for quite some time because there was no skin or muscle left on it. It was a bit beaten and there were pieces of it missing, but it was perfect. Nearby I found the two pieces of its jaw as well as other various bones including small joint bones, rib bones, and an entire spine.

I collected the skull, some of the joint bones, and three larger bones. The rest I used to form a crude monument to the marvelous creature who they belonged to. I said a blessing and thanked the spirits for guiding me and to the animal. I left some offerings, including pieces of my hair.


The skull now rests on my altar, as a spirit house for my familiar. Additionally, it reminds me of my own spirit and to always be true to my wild, Witchy self.  It is one of my most powerful and prized possessions.



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