77 Witchy Questions

I stole this from Veles’ awesome blog. I find that this not only a fun way to get to know me more, but for me to take stock of my belief’s.

1. Do you use runes as a written language?
Not really. I’ve used to Norse runes for some spells and I’ve tried my hand at the Ogham but nothing substantial.

2. Do you feel you have natural gifts such as (premonitions, hearing spirits) and if so do you think this is what led you to this path?
I’ve always been pretty chatty with the spirits.

3. What deity do you work with if any and why?
Danu and Dagda.

4. Have you always worked with this same deity?
No. The first deity I ever connected with was Diana. She still plays a very important role in my life and my practice.

5. Do you use any personal items in your practice, (blood, semen, tears, urine, etc)?

6. Do you do past life readings or have ever had one done; who where you or how did you die?

7. What is your favorite magical tool?
My spirit stone.

8. What is a song or type of music that gets you into a Witchy mood?
Drumming or Wendy Rule.

9. Where is the most magical place you have ever been?

10. What animal is your familiar if any?
My cat Moonbeam. Also the familiar spirits that I work with on my journeys. A whale, bear, lion, crow, and deer.

11. If you have a familiar, did you choose them or did they choose you?
They chose me and I chose them right back.

12. What in the Craft are you best at (tarot, spells, ritual,) etc?
I give killer drunk tarot readings.

13. What in the Craft would you say you are weaker at?
Dealing with bullshit.

14. What is your most favorite part of your Craft (spell writing, divination, etc)?
Feeling a deep connection to something dark and mysterious, natural and visceral, magical and earthy.

15. What was the first tool you ever purchased?
Probably a pack of tarot cards when I was in second grade.

16. What was your first homemade tool for your practice?

A wand. I use to be pretty good at crafting wands.

17. What are you feelings on raising kids in the Craft?
I think it’s okay to teach your children about the Craft but in the end it is there decision. Don’t force your children into a spirituality. That defeats the purpose.

18. If you were a goddess or god, who would you be?
Diana, obviously. Those nymphs though. #Squadgoals

19. Do you use astrology in your practice? In what ways?
In the flippant western sort of way. I use planetary hours and moon phases in my spell work. Beyond that I like to read my horoscope and meticulously plan my life accordingly. Just kidding. Kinda.

20. What if any ways could you practice dark magic and still respect the beliefs of Wicca?
I’m not Wiccan but I think it depends on what your personal beliefs and ethics are.

21. Do you have any Witches in your family?
Not that I know of.

22. What item can you not Witch without?
My spirit.

23. What is your favorite sabbat or time of year ritual?
I love Midsummer and Mabon.

24. Have you ever had a YouTube burn out?
25. What is your fav Witchy shop, and do they have an online store?
Magus Books and Herbs! It’s pretty dangerous that is a block away from my house though. They do have an online store.

26. When buying Witchy items, do they choose you or do you choose them?
I’d like to think it’s a mutual friendship. I don’t like to buy things aimlessly or just to have them.

27. How do you organize your herbs/ingredients?
Silver Ravenwolf would cry.

28. Do you have interest in other deities that you don’t work with; if so, which ones?
I like the stories and mythology of many, mostly Celtic deities.

29. Do you have a fav time of day to do spell work; if so, why?
I like spending an afternoon in the kitchen or garden. I like the times when the sun is rising or setting. It’s that golden light.

30. Are you solitary or do you work with a coven?
Solitary although I do have a friend who I will occasionally work with.

31. If you could pick a certain Witchcraft tradition that fits your practice most what would it be (Druid, Celtic, Wicca etc)?
I have a deep interest in Shamanism, particularly of Celtic origin.

32. What was the most creative spell you have ever done. What did you use?

33. What do you prefer for divination (tarot, oracle, runes, etc.) and why?
Tarot. I love the symbolism in the cards. I find that it really unlocks parts of my mind. Also they appeal to my psychology/therapist self.

34. What are some ways you keep yourself grounded?
The good ol’ tree mediation. Sending my roots into the ground and my branches into the sky. But really, just connecting and being aware of my surroundings.

35. Have you ever had a spell go horribly wrong?
Yes. 😦
36. What are your opinions on initiation rituals?

You do you, just don’t be pretentious and assume that because you had one you are somehow better than anyone else.

37. Have you ever had full contact with your deity; if so, what happened?
I don’t know exactly what that means…

38. What about you is unwitchy?
Lol. Oh, you’re being serious? I guess I’m bad at recycling…

39. For the dating Witch, how do you tell a new love interest that you are a Witch?

Bring them to my bedroom and laugh as the realization dawns on there face.
40. Who is a past Witch that has inspired you, famous or not?
The queen from Snow White.

41. How do you handle rejection from a fellow Witch that refuses to do a reading or spell for you?

42. Do you think it is necessary to cast a circle when you do spell work or any magical working?
I don’t think it’s necessary for EVERY magical working. However I cast a circle when going on spirit flights.

43. If Steven Spielberg called and wanted to make a movie of your life, who would you want to play as you?

44. What is some advice that was given to you that you pass along because it made an impact on your path?
Question everything. Take nothing at face value.

45. What is some advice you would give someone who has not found there deity?
I think we should first focus on the forms of there, their, they’re. Also, this question is literally stupid.

46. Where do you buy your herbs?

If I don’t grow them, from Magus.

47. How did you feel casting your first circle (silly, scared, stumbling, etc)?
I felt freaken awesome.

48. What was your first successful spell?

49. What is your general practice for meditation?
I light some candles and incense. Count backwards from twelve, and then backwards from thirteen. Also lots of breath work. Then whatever happens from there.

50. Are you a day walker or a night comer?

I agree with Veles, What the fuck is that supposed to mean?

51. How and when did you know you wanted to be on this path?

52. What type of pagan are you (Wiccan, eclectic, hedge, etc)?

I’m a Witch.

53. What candle color do you use most?

54. What area would you like to see your Craft grow in?
My discipline. I spend to much time in my head and not enough actually doing.

55. What is your preference, to buy or make your tools?
I like to either make my tools or find them.

56. What fictional Witch book/screen inspired you the most?
Again, the queen from Snow White. She was a fierce bitch who knew what she wanted and she was going to get it.

57. With your first spell where you alone or in a coven?
All alone.
58. What is your favorite candle, incense scent for magical purposes?
Patchouli, sage, nag champa, sandalwood, and frankincense.

59. Where is your favorite place to go to reconnect with nature?

The woods next to my childhood home.

60. Do you believe in fantasy creatures (unicorns, gnomes, elves, fairies, etc)?

61. Do you believe in ghosts/spirits?

62. Would you ever teach the Craft?
I don’t really know.

63. What if any legal herb do you use for moods?
I’ll occasionally use catnip. Meow.

64. What is the most recent spell/ritual you have done? (slight detail please)

My daily/nightly smudge.

65. Do you have a happy place you go to during meditation?

66. What is your favorite Witchy book?
Again I agree with Veles, Mastering Witchcraft by Paul Huson.

67. Do you have a ritual to get ready before a ritual or spell? (what is it) 
Drink lots of wine. Smudge myself.

68. Do you always use your own spells or do you tweak others?
Usually a mixture of both. 

69. Do you prefer spells/ritual inside or outside?

70. If you are coming from a Christian/catholic background. Did you find the transition hard with family and the whole going to Hell thing? Basically leaving all you been told was right?
No. I knew what was right for me and that was all there was to it. I guess I got pretty lucky.

71. What are your totem animals?

72. What are some things you reuse after spells/ritual work?

73. Who helped you most when you starting on your path?
Lots of wine divine intervention. Also the support from my family and friends.

74. Do you know any good Witchy phone apps (like moon phases)?

75. What is your favorite magical study?
Shamanistic stuff.

76. Outside of the YouTube and Facebook community, do you have a lot of witchy friends in the physical world?

77. Do you feel that the deities we work with are a force from one higher power and that all beliefs and religions are from the same one God/place?
I think there is one cosmic energy/spirit and that we all interpret it differently.


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